I began making photogtaphs over thirty years ago. As a boy I loved to look at Life Magazine and National Geographic. From those pages I traveled around the world, even to the moon. I saw places I could have never imagine. I saw how people in far away places lived their lives, how they created wonderful things, how they struggled to be free.

At home I saw photographs of my mother and father before they knew me. From a time and place I had no memory of. I saw my great grandparents who had long since passed away. For a moment I could live in a time and place where I had never been and could never go. The photographers who made these photographs gave me a wonderful gift. A gift I hope to pass on to you.

Bryan Kuntz graduated from Texas A&M University Commercee with a Bachelor of Arts in photography in 1979. He began working as a commercial photographer shortly thereafter. Bryan worked at studios in Dallas and New York city for the next 3 years. He them moved to Houston where he had his own studio for the following 23 years. Byran now resides in Round Rock, Texas with his wife and three children where he creates fine art photography and is a senior photographer at Dell, Inc.